Andrei Luchian

Health for Youth Association
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Mr. Andrei Luchian is the CEO of the sociological research and marketing company "Fondul Opiniei Publice" and a Sociologist at the "Health for Youth" Association, with over 20 years of experience in sociological studies. He has coordinated over 250 survey and research projects in various fields at the national level, such as health, migration, poverty and social inclusion, education, as well as ethical and political issues. Mr. Luchian has been a member of the HBSC Research Network since 2013, an international alliance of researchers collaborating on the Cross-National Survey of School Students (Health Behaviors in School-aged Children). He is a team member of HBSC MOLDOVA and serves as Deputy Principal Investigator. Mr. Luchian has extensive experience in surveys, statistical and sociological data analysis, drafting analytical papers, and collaborating with experts and representatives of the EU, WB, and IMF. He works as a research coordinator in the feasibility study of rapid communication interventions in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STIs in the Republic of Moldova, collaborating with the WHO Regional Office for Europe.