Dr. Galina Lesco

Health for Youth Association
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Dr. Galina Lesco is the founder and coordinator of the Health for Youth Association - one of the first youth health friendly centers in the Republic of Moldova – NEOVITA. Dr. Lesco serves at the National Resource Centre in Adolescent Health as well as at Youth Friendly Health Services in the country. Dr. Lesco has experience as scientific researcher in the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova and the Mother and Child Institute. She coordinated and was one of the main co-authors on a series of national studies on adolescent health, such as the KAP studies in adolescent health and development (2003-2012). She has also the principal investigator of the National HBSC team since 2014 and of the ACE study since 2016. She also has experience coordinating comprehensive projects at the national level, such as “Healthy Generation – Youth Friendly Health Services in the Republic of Moldova”, which includes a focus on both the implementation of and research on educational programs for parents. Dr. Lesco has also led projects including “Piloting of Community Services in Antenatal and Parental Education” which was implemented by Health for Youth Association. She was a main author of the National Strategy in Child and Adolescent Health and has experience as a consulting adviser to WHO and UNICEF in the development of quality standards of Youth Friendly Health Services in Ukraine, Kirghizstan, and Tajikistan. As a clinician, Dr. Lesco also has specialized training in child and adolescent gynecology and has extensive experience working with vulnerable girls and their families.