Prof. Maite Alguacil

University Jaume I Castellon
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Prof. Dr Maite Alguacil obtained her MSc in Econometrics and International Economics at the University of Nottingham. She completed her PhD in Economics at the Universitat Jaume I, where she is working as Full Professor as wel as the Vice-Dean of the Degree in Economics. She is also a board member at the Institute of International Economics (IEI). She has also been director of the Master in Economic Integration and International Trade. She has made numerous research visits to prestigious academic institutions, such as the University of Birmingham, the National University of Ireland, the Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade (CREDIT) of the University of Nottingham, and the University of Göttingen. She coordinates the research group on International Economics: global value chains, migration, innovation and adaptation to climate change (CAMINA) and the teaching innovation group on Learning Quantitative Methods in Economics (MECIA). She teaches post-graduate courses on panel data econometrics and advanced econometrics at the Universitat Jaume I. She is the author of two books related to econometric modelling as well as several articles in indexed academic journals with high impact in the fields of International Economics and Econometrics. Her research fields of interest are migration, trade flows, and global value chains.