Prof. Dr. Nevena Calovska

Association of Systemic Therapists (AST) Education Center
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WP6 lead


Dr. Nevena Calovska is a psychiatrist and systemic family therapist and a Professor at the University Singidinum, Belgrade (Serbia). She is also a founding Director of the Association of Systemic Therapists in Belgrade, which is a center for training in systemic family therapy. Dr. Calovska is an active member of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) as the Secretary General. She also works as the External Relations Officer at the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). Dr Calovska is also an expert and permanent member of EAP’s Training Acrediting Committee in charge of supporting and promoting the Training Psychotherapy Institutes. She has published over 80 professional articles and chapters. Being in private practice, training, and supervision, her main activities are in providing and developing high quality effective and efficient practice as well as the exchange of ideas and experiences among colleagues in Europe.