Prof. Dr. Nina Heinrichs

University of Bielefeld
Work Packages

WP1 lead


Prof. Dr. Nina Heinrichs is Professor for Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychotherapy at Bielefeld University. She has extensive expertise in surveying families and stakeholders for the purposes of tailoring programs to meet the needs of families and conducting large prevention and treatment trials focusing on children and parents. Prof. Heinrichs has been a principal investigator on three controlled trials involving couple and parenting interventions in Germany. She was also involved as co-principal investigator (Co-PI) on two randomised controlled trials delivering treatment services to children with anxiety. Finally, she is a Co-PI on a project focusing on the development and testing of a prevention program to strengthen mother/father-child relationship with 24-36 months old children using different delivery formats. In all these trials, empowering parents to support raising healthy children is a primary goal.