Dr. Slavica Gajdadzis-Knezhevikj

Work Packages



Prim Dr. Slavica Gajdadzis – Knezhevikj is psychiatrist specializing in addictive disorders and family and systemic psychotherapist. She is a founding director of ALTERNATIVA and a trainer and supervisor in the School for Family and Systemic Psychotherapy (EAPTI). She is also a Director of Private Health Institution - HELIO MEDIKA 2. Dr Gajdadzis has expertise in working with couples and families on improving their organization and functioning by focusing on the prevention of children’s mental health issues, successfully handing conflict, and preventing and treating addictions and other mental health problems among adolescents, LGBTI individuals,and those from other marginalized groups. She was coordinator of several national projects on the prevention and treatment of drug use including as a member of the National Strategy on Drug Control (2005-2006), National sSrategy on Mental Health (2003-2006), and coordinator of the RISE Project for Parenting for Lifelong Health of Children in Central and Eastern Europe 2016-2022). She is the co-author of many key publications, including the manual “Family, Adolescents and Drugs” (2003) manual for HIV prevention “Steps toward better future” (2004); and manual for HIV Counseling and Testing (2005). She is an active member in the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) where she serves as secretary in the Training Institute Chamber, as well as an expert of the Training Accrediting Committee (TAC) of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).